How HSW60 Helped This Restaurant Create an Unforgettable Dining Experience


NanaWall - Door System

photo Nanawall

NanaWall - Door System

The Retractable Roof


The Retractable Roof

When Kam Talebi, the owner of what is now Union Restaurant set out to create the ultimate indoor/outdoor rooftop dining experience in Minneapolis, Minnesota he knew there would be challenges.

Minneapolis is known for its harsh midwestern winters and muggy summers, so finding a solution that would suit the breadth of Minneapolis climate conditions required some creative thought.

Talebi chose to retrofit the existing space by adding a retractable roof and a NanaWall HSW single track sliding glass system to allow for maximum adaptability.

The roof and door system remain open whenever possible, but are quickly closed any time the weather turns too cold.

“At the touch of a button, [the retractable roof] takes under five minutes to open or close the motorized structure, and NanaWall doors seal off the inside dining room from the elements.When it’s open, they [stack] around the side of the building and out of the way,” states Libart retractable roof manufacturer.

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