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Adjustment sleeve for Tango patio door


Spilka continuously reviews products to improve existing solutions and components, often driven by feedback from customers as well as changes in the needs of the industry.

The Spilka Tango hardware allows the efficient production of a 'slide shut' sliding patio door. It is a unique solution with a hinged wheel assembly that helps the door roll easily with a minimum of friction.

Some timber door leaves that are exposed to a lot of wet weather may 'warp'. Spilka has therefore developed an adjustable sleeve that allows for any necessary adjustment of the door. 

This socket screw can be installed in any existing sliding door or during initial production. Its  easy operation allows the end-user to adjust the door by themselves.

This product is sold as two parts – 020734 consists of a screw and sleeve, whilst the cover cap is made avilable in three different colours: white, brown and black.
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