Enlightened Windows: We don’t operate as a traditional hard-selling window company


Roald Myers,Technical Sales Coordinator of the Enlightened Windows company.

photo Enlightened Windows

Roald Myers,Technical Sales Coordinator of the Enlightened Windows company.

The headquarter of Enlightened Windows company

photo Enlightened Windows

The headquarter of Enlightened Windows company

The full package offer: advice, quotations, supply, installation and after-sales. Based on the borders of Warwickshire, Oxfordshire and Gloucestershire, they operate all over the UK - anywhere from the busy city of central London to the idyllic countryside and marine environments on the Isle on Man.

We are talking with Roald Myers, Technical Sales Coordinator of the Enlightened Windows company.

Could you tell me something about company history and what was the reason of start-up?

Nearly a decade ago, our company founder was working in the UK construction industry - struggling to find high quality, efficient and durable windows and doors. Deciding the fix the problem himself, years of research and relationship-building with manufacturers in Germany and Scandinavia commenced. The rest is history. We now have a comprehensive range of European windows and doors, introducing the best of Europe to the UK market.

Overview of the company. What is the most interesting and important part in your opinion?

By working alongside builders, developers and architects, Enlightened Windows understand the critical chain of events on self-build and renovation projects. Most importantly, we pride ourselves on our consulting service: helping customers find the right product, without needing a degree in construction to understand the details.

The most important part for me is that we don’t operate as a traditional hard-selling window company. Although ‘sales’ is part of my job, I think of it more as ‘recommendations’. If a potential customer doesn’t like a product we’ve offered, we can take their reasons on board and provide information on a something better suited to them. There is no point in making a sale if the product is not what the customer is truly looking for.

What products are included in your offer?

Thanks to the number of manufacturers that we work with, we offer a very comprehensive product range. From Scandinavian windows, terraced doors and solid entrance doors to our flagship German tilt-turn units and Danish heat-treated bifold doors, we have something to fill every structural opening.

Although the majority of our orders are for aluminium-clad timber, we also offer tradtional timber products and uPVC – all with double or triple glazing and many configuration options. Today, we are able to offer the full package: advice, quotations, supply, installation and after-sales. 

To whom is the offer addressed?

Anyone! Whilst most of our products are designed with the domestic self-build market in mind, our products work just as well with renovations and commercial projects. Our most common request is an upgrade: customers often sent pictures of their old timber-framed windows, looking to replace them with something durable and airtight.

Whatever the project entails, we offer a free advice and quotations. So, even if you aren’t sure if we can help you, it won’t cost anything to try!

How do you rate the past year?

The past year has seen us grow significantly as a business. Before, we were emailing out to all manufacturers with quote requests. We can now quote in-house with a 24hr turnaround period and give price guidance for different products.

This, combined with the website gaining more natural traffic, has increased our client list to the point where we needed an entirely new client management system.

What are your plans for the future?

The main item we’re focusing on is an exhibition at the Home Building and Renovating Show at the NEC, Birmingham. We have a single display planned: bringing 3 European manufacturers, displaying the best of their products.

This, combined with our new mobile showroom (still in progress), should take the business to another level.

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