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Podnośniki próżniowe i roboty do szkła - GMV

Glass Robots - GMV

Glass Land Sp. z o.o.
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We offer equipment for the handling and installation of glass from GMV company. These robots allow you to safely handling and transport glass panels in the halls, warehouses, in difficult terrain as well as on build site. GMV's devices are safe in use. Protect workers from accidents, spinal injuries and sprains. 

Using in its operation company GMV, you can minimize the number of people needed to perform the tasks

In our offer You may find:

- Winlet 350

- Winlet 575

- Winlet 600


Glass Land Sp. z o.o.

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MANIPULATOR  WINLET 575MANIPULATOR  WINLET 350 THPodnośnik podciśnieniowy do przenoszenia okien do 600 kg Podnośnik podciśnieniowy do przenoszenia szyb i kompletnych okien na otwartej przestrzeniMANIPULATOR  WINLET 350