ROMB S.A. (dawniej Metalplast Karo Złotów S. A.)
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ROMB S.A. (dawniej Metalplast Karo Złotów S. A.)
ROMB S.A. is the only Polish manufacturer of peripheral hardware. The company was founded in 1974. Its core activity is production of high quality peripheral hardware for PVC, wooden and aluminium joinery. ROMB S.A. produces also high quality door locks. In addition to its own products, the company provides many other solutions used in the manufacture of windows and doors.
Romb hardware systems are products of the newest generation. Through continuous innovation and solicitude for quality, ROMB hardware is currently one of the best systems on the market.
Quality is priority for us. For production of our hardware we apply only materials with the best parameters. At the same time we continually improve our products in terms of functionality. The hardware is manufactured in Poland, therefore quality controls are carried out at every stage of production. Hardware meets the highest quality and aesthetic standards, which is confirmed by numerous certificates, including QM 328, issued by the German Institute IFT Rosenheim.
The offer includes all the solutions needed for the production of windows and doors, such as solutions for arched and trapezoidal windows, slide windows and doors, fanlight openers and door locks. Wide range of deadbolts allows any configuration of hardware suits. With a relatively small number of components manufacturer can freely equip their windows in chosen ends, corners and striker plates which hinder burglary. Broad range of adjustment allows to correctly place the sash even after many years of use. Elements of Teflon, zinc alloy (Zamac) and stainless steel with the highest parameters of durability allow you to operate smoothly and provide hardware with exceptionally long, 10-year warranty. Hardware is suitable both for manual and automatic fitting. The versatility of the elements allows to fit windows made of PVC, aluminum or wood by changing only the side of hinges and strike plates.
When deciding for cooperation with us you can expect professional technical assistance not only in completing the hardware but also in production of windows themselves. We provide our customers with the tools necessary to operate such as computer programs and the necessary installation tools. For regular customers special conditions of cooperation associated with customer loyalty programs are offered. We are able to realize even the largest contracts. We  are constantly modernizing our products with the aim of increasing satisfaction of our customers. Our motto is „ SAFETY AND QUALITY ASSURANCE”.
Apart from production of peripheral hardware company provides a wide range of services in our Measurement and Research Laboratory, Galvanizing plant, and Toolroom.   In 2007 ROMB Spółka Akcyjna changed the owner and currently belongs to Aluprof S.A. - one of the most innovative companies involved in distribution of architectural aluminum systems. Through membership to Aluprof, ROMB S.A. has entered the Kęty Group.
Significant investments have been made during last few years in terms of ROMB products development, in terms of new projects such as casting accessories for aluminum joinery systems, electroplating and toolroom services. Therefore ​​the company has significantly increased cooperation with the companies within the Group and built a stronger position on the domestic market.

Products and Services ROMB S.A. (dawniej Metalplast Karo Złotów S. A.)


ROMB ALU EURO hardware

ROMB ALU EURO hardware is used in aluminium windows with V.01 groove (so called eurogroove) made in systems of different manufacturers.  Individual elements of the hardware are fixed clampingly in the frame and in the sash with the use of coupling parts included in the set. Standard pushrods are used to transfer the drive and fasten the...



New hardware, which emerged as a response to market demand, designed especially for window manufacturers who value simplicity and economy of production.   The main objective, which prevailed at the time of constructing of the DYNAMIC hardware was to limit assortment necessary for the proper functioning of the rectangular windows:...



New hardware, which emerged as a response to market demand, designed especially for window manufacturers who value simplicity and economy of production.   This hardware is used in order to close, turn and tilt window sashes of aluminum windows with hardware groove similar as for PVC profiles. The handle performs operating functions....