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Naturo 68

A model of wooden window Naturo is distinguished by the smallest depth of a window frame which is 68 mm. Thanks to the newest technologies applied to its production process, this product is characterised by high energy efficiency. The window is available in three versions: standard, PLUS and ALU.   SPECIFICATION:   The standard...


Naturo 76

76 mm thick Naturo timber windows in the standard option is a highly energy efficient solution. Our technologically advanced glazing systems will enable you to enjoy the design of a timber window with the best thermal parameters. Naturo 76 windows are available in three versions: basic, PLUS nd ALU.   SPECIFICATION:   Naturo...


Naturo 92 Slim

A highly energy efficient timber window system with the widest profile of 92 mm. Using this solid structure equipped with the highest-quality components ensures the best energy efficiency.   SPECIFICATION:   The standard version of Naturo 92 is equipped with a thermal insulation triple glazed unit 4/18/4/18/4. This unit...