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Tentazione - unusual handles | Eko-Okna

The handle is fully faced with the surface of the profile.


SoEasy – revolution lies in the simplicity

Aluminium system line to the windows and doors production. So Easy it is a primarily the best thermos-insulation parameters.


Eko-Okna: Renovation roller shutters now in our offer

The renovation roller shutter system designed mainly for already existing buildings.


Eko-Okna: A warm threshold in the standard version of HST 85

The HST 85 is one of the most technologically advanced and warmest solutions in its product category.


A warm threshold in the standard version of HST 85

The HST 85 is one of the most technologically advanced and warmest solutions in its product category


The new technology Powerdur Inside

New system - Ideal 7000 new. Modern architecture requires new standards in the technical, functional and aesthetic fields.


Eko-Okna: Windows in the English style now in our offer

Windows that open outwards are specially prepared for the British market but not only. Overseas investors are also interested in this solution.


Anti-burglary roller shutters – the highest level of safety!

Their resistance class to burglary (RC3) has been confirmed by the IFT Rosenheim institute.


Eko-Okna to introduce new aesthetic line of products

Eko-Okna's new collection is specially designed for the most sophisticated customers who pay attention to every detail while designing a house...


Streamline 76 now available with a central handle

The Streamline 76 is now available with a central handle, offering a very aesthetic solution...


A milestone in the export of Polish windows to Great Britain

As Great Britain is on the verge of leaving the European Union, Eko-Okna, one of the largest Polish manufacturer of windows and doors, is conquering the British market with a mass...


G-U Secury Automatic – high quality guaranteed

G-U Secury Automatic multi-point locks provide comfort, security and reliability. Eko-Okna is one of the few door fabricators which use technology from the renowned German hardware supplier...


Top-hung casement windows - an alternative to tilt windows

Safe, functional and comfortable in use - EKO-OKNA's offer is diversified by top-hung casement windows...


Eco Vitre - stylish door panels with glass playing the first fiddle

Eco Vitre are doors with sandblasted patterns on the glass as a dominant motif...


Glazing in garage doors – aesthetic and lighting for your garage

Safe, durable and now extremely aesthetic and practical - Eko Okna have improved the production technology of their sectional garage doors...

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