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Eko-Okna – development of wooden joinery

Eko-Okna company is already after investments in machines to the wooden joinery production. In addition to PVC and aluminum joinery, the company's offer also includes wooden joinery.


EKO-OKNA invest in new solutions in the field of logistic and transport

After launching the finished products warehouse, Eko-Okna invest in new solutions in the field of logistic and transport.


The festival of premieres at the BUDMA 2019 trade fair

This year's BUDMA was a record in terms of presented new products. The Eko-Okna S.A. company has presented a lot of new products, incl. aluminum fence, steel window, embossed panels...


Hidden hinges in Eko-Okna's balcony doors

From now on, hidden fitting can also be used in Eko-Okna's balcony doors with an aluminum threshold.


The Eko-Okna S.A. company has started its own production of facade blinds

Many years of experience in the production of covering techniques allowed the manufacturer from Silesia to go a step further. Last year, the company decided to start its own production of facade blinds.


QuadBox – new roller shutter system from Eko-Okna's offer

Discover the advantages of the latest roller shutter system from Eko-Okna's offer. What is the QuadBox stand out from others roller shutter in their offer?


Eko-Okna: EkoSun HST – new in our offer

Discover the sliding door system EkoSun HST which thanks to the low profile provides maximum light to the room.


Top-mounted SKB Styroterm roller shutter from Eko-Okna

When designing the roller shutter, the focus was mainly on the material from which the box was made. As a result, a product with extremely good thermal insulation parameters was obtained.


Reflections after EquipBaie

Representatives of the Eko-Okna company about EquipBaie, trends and products that enjoyed the greatest interest of visitors.


Eko-Okna – a company with a future

Eko-Okna is a leader of window and door joinery in Poland. It owes its success to continuous development, trusted staff and the ability to adapt to constantly changing market trends.


Eko-Okna: Even more aesthetic finish of the MRS mosquito net

So far, the MRS mosquito net was combined using plastic corners in standard colours, which made it impossible to perfectly match the colour of mosquito corners to the colour of the frame.


Eko-Okna: Glass pasted to the window sash

Meat the benefits connected with the technology of pasting the pane into the window sash.


Warm lintel boxes | Eko-Okna

The roller shutters for covering HST doors with possibility of using steel stabilizing consoles, fixed to the ceiling.


Eko-Okna replaces steel with plastic and paste the glass in the wing

Glazing takes place with the help of modern technology “bonding inside”, which allows the glass to be glued in the wings without the need for steel reinforcements in the profiles.


The new standard in terms of thermal efficiency

The spacer bar is the central point of every window - regardless of whether it is single-chamber or two-chamber packages.


Round anniversary - EkoOkna through two decades on the market

The company was constantly expanding its range, and the demand for windows was growing day by day.


Eko-Okna: Black windows with black accessories

Accessories are made of aluminum, then powder coated in a shade of black, or coloured in bulk - in the case of PVC products.


Eko-Okna: Mosquito net in the new version – harmonica

The system is designed for use on patio doors or in balcony recesses, where the width of the wing reaches up to 4 meters.


Eko-Okna: Solar sets - energy from nature

The strength of the solar sets with a solar panel reaches 6 or 10 NM. The choice depends on the size of the roller shutter.


Eko-Okna: Changes in the colour palette

Most of them are veneers made in the patented skai® cool colours technology, which minimalise the negative effects of solar radiation on the veneer.

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