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Prestige Line – a completely new series of VEYNA door fillings

A completely new series of VEYNA fillings will be available for sale from August 1. Prestige Line is only in the overlay version with a varied design and exclusive materials.


Novelties VEYNA in the new catalog 2019 of door fillings

The company VEYNA have presented a new catalog of fillings for the year 2019. One of the novelties is in the BASIC LINE series, covered with ABS for veneer.


VEYNA introduces improvements in the series of fillings BASIC LINE

The company VEYNA have presented a new line of fillings in the BASIC LINE series for 2019. The main difference in their construction are the veneers made of ABS.


GLASS line – new series of fillings in the offer of VEYNA

This is an exclusive series of original, full glass fillings for demanding customers where digital printing is applied directly on the glass.