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Another device in the POLFLAM machine park

The new purchase is another step in the development of our technological lines.


POLFLAM Project: Wroclavia Galery

POLFLAM® glass, class EI 60 installed in a frameless system singles out comfortable spaces from the two-storey gallery car park.


Visual effects and additional functions || POLFLAM®

POLFLAM® glass gives architects more options. They can be a background for manipulating the image, light and colour.


POLFLAM® F glass applicable for ceilings and stairs

Glazed elements to bear load in an incident of fire have long been a challenge. Therefore, POLFLAM® F glass has been designed for such demanding applications.


New investment at POLFLAM

The machine allows for large glass panels, up to 3500 x 2200 mm, of various shapes to be processed.


POLFLAM glass BR EI 120 for frameless installation

The system allows for fire-resistant doors to be installed as part of the partition. The doors do not require any frames, either.


First time for POLFLAM in the FeuerTRUTZ Fair in Nuremberg

POLFLAM will present their products in Germany on the Expo FeuerTRUTZ 2018.


Fire-resistant, anti-burglary, insulating and intelligent glass – all in one, that is, POLFLAM ®

For optical lightness of a building and to fill it with natural daylight. It was in no time that fire-resistant glass replaced ordinary opaque indoor walls or the old-type construction glass for facades.


Polflam: Interview with Paweł Dziedziak

The independence allows us for a 100% control of the production process and, by that, its quality. Fire-resistant glass is to ensure safety; there is no room for default.


Low weight bringing great benefits

Fire-resistant glass, regardless the technology, is laminated glass made of two or more panes with fire-resistant layer of film or gel (hard or soft), which is of varied composition.


New investments, new products

We are underway to launch new products which are certainly going to be a surprise for our customers and partners. – declares Dawid Kapsa, POLFLAM's General Director.


More options! More light! POLFLAM® F glass for ceilings and stairs

POLFLAM offers POLFLAM® F glass for glazed ceilings of fire-resistance classes REI 30, REI 45 and REI 60 and the load-bearing capacity of as high as 5 kN/ sq m.


Multi-function POLFLAM® glass provides protection from fire and protection against burglary

Fire-resistant glazed walls are often applied wherever another type of protection is needed as well, e.g., protection against burglary.


POLFLAM® glass – perfect for facades

Large size of glass units is crucial for facades. The larger the glass surface, the less of frames and joinery elements, which means better separation from the outside world


POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass – pioneering technology, excellent parameters, high safety standard

POLFLAM® today stands for excellent quality which has been test-proven in laboratories and proven in use. Both the advantages of the glass and the regularly launched new products are the best...


Testing the POLFLAM® glass of even larger dimensions!

The large-format fire-resistant glass has become POLFLAM’s hallmark. Further solutions with POLFLAM® large-size glass are regularly subjected to testing in European certified testing...


POLFLAM® fire-resistant glass or KNOW-HOW AND BUSINESS – a combination that makes a competitive product

Fire-resistant glass is an extremely specialised product which requires both technological knowledge and high investment in research and in the certification process. For years, it has been...


New multi-function POLFLAM® glass

Today’s construction glass has almost unlimited possibilities, including safety of people and assets. It can be both barrier to fire and resistant to impact load, that is, protect against burglary...


POLFLAM® – large-sized fire-resistant glass. Entering upon the 21st century

POLFLAM is an independent European manufacturer of fire-resistant glass. The company applies its proprietary technology for the production of hydrogel. On offer POLFLAM has...