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[Z] ZowoTec® 8400 – The next Generation!

Many of Zobel customers have been successfully using their product [Z] ZowoTec® 8400 for years. The company is pleased to introduce today the next generation of this very popular product.


Berger-Gruppe takes over the paint manufacturer Zobel Chemie GmbH

The Berger-Gruppe is to take over the manufacturer of window and façade coatings, Zobel Chemie GmbH...


Cool is well received – less maintenance work on dark wooden windows

The ANTI-HEAT concept from Zobel, known for its use in PVC coating, also benefits wood coverings – with heating-reduced colour tones from Zobel, repainting is needed less often than ever...


Zobel Chemie appoints ProKolor® as UK distributor

Zobel Chemie GmbH of Germany has announced the appointment of ProKolor® as its exclusive UK distributors of their renowned Zowo-plast® coatings product range...


Determine the natural character of wood-aluminium windows with Zowo-tec® 430

Determine the look, feel and natural character of wood-aluminium windows individually with Zowo-tec® 430 Wood-Aluminium Clear Coat...


The benefits of coating with Zowo-plast® compared to alternative colouring methods

The trend for PVC windows has moved away from a basic white colour. System providers and large window manufacturers are predominantly responding to the growing demand for colours...


Longer lasting light glaze colours? No problem with Zowo-tec® 421 Glaze UV+ thanks to extra UV protection

The durability of a coat not only depends on the type of wood and the construction and weather-related factors; the selected colour also plays a particularly important role. The VFF information...


Zowo-tec® 485 Top Coat ensures more product safety in buildings with higher moisture levels

The new product of the Zobel coating experts, for the first time presented at this year’s ‘Fensterbau Frontale’, targets the industrial coating sector. The main focus here is on process-optimised work...


New range of Zowo-plast® ANTI-HEAT products

Customers can now benefit from a further application range of dark-coated PVC building-constructional elements in warmer climatic zones with ‘Zowo-plast® ANTI-HEAT’ products, restricting the heating-up of...