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P.W. VIKKING KTS sp. z o.o.
More information about Vikking

Energo-efficient and passive building is gaining in popularity. Investors are trying to maximize energy saving in their buildings. Vikking KTS company met expectations and developed innovative composite doors system with high level protection against heat loss.

Composite doors are great at keeping the warmth inside your home. They give exceptional thermal performance. Nothing to do with vests, but they will help keep you more snug indoors than timber or aluminium doors. They are light like an aluminium, strong like a steal and beatiful like wooden doors and in the same time our doors are free from disadvantages of traditional doors. Our exclusive composite doors are created for customers demanding and appreciating quality. In most of cases Vikking composite doors are dedicated for individual building but also industrial.

Now, more about facts. Arctic Plus line – the quintessence of timeless design, excellent quality and legendary resistance to climatic conditions. These doors do not require door roofs! Perfect protection against heat loss – Ud from 0,63 W/m2k and the most favorable price to quality ratio. Composite sash 68 mm , PVC door frame 85 mm – NEW! made of six-chamber profile A Plus.  System of multi-point locks and anti-theft blockades raises the level of burglary protection. Waterproof composite frame protects the interior of the sash and burglar protection. 

Some about inspiration and trends... We are able to apply barely anything to our doors, for example: LED lighting, INOX applications, Svarovski crystals or even our innovative brand new idea NATURAL STONE APPLICATION!. We can make our dors in SMOOTH and REAL WOOD surface in full range of RAL colours with milled surface decoration or totaly smooth. It’s all up to You. There is hundreds of billions combinations which You can use to build doors of Your dreams. Vikking composite doors have EU certificates, guaranteeing to our clients best quality and trouble-free  use of the product. They are safe for environment, they not emit harmful substances and in the same time they provide the safety of domestic peace, thanks to second class burglary resistance, according to the current European standard ENV.

We’ve got many many more in our offer. Check our site for more informations

P.W. VIKKING KTS sp. z o.o.

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