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Dwugłowicowa piła kątowa EXTRA A-RV-600

EXTRA A-RV-600 Automatic Double Head Cutting Off M/C

More information about LGF CNC MASZYNY

Automatic Double Head Cutting Off M/C.

High quality double head cutting off machine with a fixed sawing head on the left and one movable on the right side. Automatic positioning of the movable head and automatic tilting of the sawing units. Maximal accuracy by positioning the movable sawing head due to LM guides caged balls placed on the frame. Motorised tilting of the sawing heads 20°/45°/90°/-45° and intermediate degrees too. High cutting performance, movable roller table support 2,3 mtrs. length. Lubrication by Micro Drop with pure oil. Cutting zone protected by full guards. Brushless motor for axe positioning. Numerical control with 3 positioning axes of the latest generation integrated in the function of a personal computer with 10,4” TFT colour display TOUCH SCREEN, software for controlling highly ergonomic and of easiest use. Wide extension thanks to the gates RJ45-USB (connects floppies, printers, portables USB keys etc etc) -RS 232 which allows easy up to date software and easy connexions with other company’s relays (CNC machines, AN). Possibility of tele-assistance via internet. Three phase Motor, 2800rpm, 3kW.

Numerical control with 3 positioning axes
TOUCH-SCREEN control 10,4˝ video colours
Manage single cuts
Unlimited data base for the profiles management
Unlimited memorizing of cutting lists via keyboard, USB key
Management expanding capacity of cut on length
Management reducing capacity of cut on length
Autofeed and cut off saw
Metric ruler with reading index
Measurement reading on the control due to the encoder fitted on the Brushless motor
Movable roller table support 1,80 mtrs. Length
4 horizontal clamps
Device for fitting 2 vertical clamps (one per head)
Electric device for motorized belt conveyor and industrial vacuum
Lubrication by micro drop with pure oil
2x TCT Saw Blades Ø 600 mm


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