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SC55 / 65 SCARABEOU cutting centre

Ultima spółka z o.o.
More information about Ultima CNC
CNC cutting Center with 1 controlled axis, designed to cut PVC profiles with the highest cutting speed and quality. The machine loads the profiles from the bar stock magazine, cutting and unloading the part, in complete autonomy and without the assistance of the operator. The working direction is available according to the customer’s needs, from left to right and vice versa. The software, developed entirely by Pertici Industries, ensures better management of the work cycle and cutting lists, automatically interfacing with the main cutting list processing programs available on the market. The automatic bar loading unit has a capacity of up to 12 bars with a maximum length of 6.6 m.
and is equipped with a bar presence detection device. Thanks to the position of the belts, short lengths of up to 400 mm can be loaded. The cutting unit with ø 600 mm blade (SC65) cuts at three main angles, 45° – 90° – 135°. The profile is clamped during cutting by a special centering device which allows the blade center of rotation to be positioned in the center of the profile section, so that wedge cuts can also be made automatically. The cutting unit is fully enclosed with front door for free access to the cutting area for calibration, cleaning and maintenance purposes. In the rear part, the center is equipped with a special evacuation system for waste and cutting chips. The automatic unloading unit places the cut pieces in a special storage bench equipped with safety photocell with a capacity of 12 pieces (intermediate degrees available as option).

Ultima spółka z o.o.

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