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Centrum tnąco obróbcze CNC Creo CTL 10-osiowe

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Creo CTL is a 10-axis CNC machining center, designed to perform milling, drilling and cutting on aluminum profiles.
Creo CTL is composed of an automatic warehouse and a transverse belt feeding system for profiles up to 6700 mm complete with gripper movement for clamping the profile. The clamp is automatically positioned to pick up a new bar allowing the loader to prepare the next profile. The milling, drilling and cutting module are located in the central cab On the CNC 3-axis milling and drilling module, 4 to 10 electro-spindles are installed (on request) that allow working on all sides of the profile. The cutting module has a 550 mm diameter blade with downward movement on three CNC axes and blade rotation from -95 ° to + 95 °, consequently it can make cuts on the same profile face with two angles. The cutting module includes an automatic extractor of the cut piece up unloading stock.
This warehouse has a length of 3 meters. The machined pieces are transported to the operator by means of motorized transversal belts to allow a better grip of the finished piece and to label it. The machine is equipped with a two-door cabin with internal lighting that serves to protect the operator as well as reduce the acoustic impact.

The numerical control pusher carriage, necessary for the positioning of the bars, is complete with pneumatic gripper for blocking the profile. Includes automatic position adjustment for the profile block. The magazine has cross straps for loading and positioning bars with a maximum weight of 100 kg and a maximum length of 6700 mm. The load of the profiles on the belts is divided by tongues that force them to perfectly align.

The machining area consists of a vertical platform on which the electro-spindles are positioned, which are at high frequency and air-cooled. The electro spindles have ER 25 gripper connection with powers that can vary from 0.75 KW to 4 KW all equipped with a pneumatic retraction in the work area. The platform is CNC controlled on the Z (vertical) Y (transversal) and X (longitudinal) axes capable of working in interpolation on the four sides of the profile and on intermediate angles set up.

The cutting module has a 550 mm diameter blade with movement from up to down on three CNC axes and blade rotation from -95 ° to + 95 °, therefore it can make cuts on the same profile face with two angles (ideal for curtain walls).

The workpiece unloading magazine is formed as the loading magazine with motorized transverse belts to bring the work piece closer to the operator. The warehouse has a length of 3 m, but can also accommodate bars with longer length. The module is equipped with an extraction clamp that perfectly positions the piece on the unloading surface.

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