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CNC machine open bridge fixed table CONQUEST 6200

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Perfect mix between router and point-to-point. Conquest 3200 represents the perfect combination between a CNC router, with its solidity and accuracy, and a point-to-point machine, as far as speed and flexibility are concerned. One of the main characteristics of this machine is the open frame (cantilever), which allows to load and to unload pieces of big size very easily. Moreover there is the possibility to equip the machine either with a canalized bakelite table or a set of movable bars and vacuum cups. In both cases, the panel working tickness is 300 mm. This machine is equipped with an 7,5 kW electrospindle and two automatic tool changers: a transported one, carousel type with 8 positions, and an auxiliary one, located on the frame column, with 2 or 4 positions, where all angular aggregates available on the market can be mounted.

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