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Sokółka Okna i Drzwi
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The innovative line of PURO wood-aluminium windows is an excellent choice for persons who value cutting-edge solutions. It is distinguished by its minimalist design that perfectly fits in with current trends in both architecture and interior design.

The purist style of PURO window frames is underlined by straight lines and smooth surfaces. The flat aluminium profile located on the outside covers both the casement and the frame. This ensures convenient fitting with the wall, characteristic for facade constructions. Thanks to this solution, the windows perfectly complement the elevation view in both residential buildings and also hotels or offices.

PURO windows combine the natural beauty and elegance of wood with durability of aluminium. The wooden frames are 65 mm thick and made from glulam of the top-tier quality. Customers can choose windows made from pine, oak or meranti wood. Profiles can be coated with ecological water soluble transparent paints (so-called stains that highlight the natural grain of the wood) or opaque paints (choice from the full range of RAL palette).

From the outside, the wooden frame is protected by an aluminium profile with additional sealing. This solution allows to protect the wooden frame from the adverse effects of weather conditions. Thus, the windows are easier to care and do not require periodic refurbishment. Original shape of the wooden frame allows using glass units with features that perfectly meet the expectations of customers such as safety glass, anti-theft, acoustic or self-cleaning.

PURO windows are characterized by superb thermal insulation parameters. The Uw heat-transfer coefficient amounts to 0,9 (W/m²K). As a standard, the windows are fitted with 3-pane sets with low-emission glass, warm edge spacer and intra-pane space filled with argon.


Sokółka Okna i Drzwi

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