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Eyrise Launches Experience Lab At Newly Transformed Headquarters To Drive Liquid Crystal Glass Innovation


Eyrise Launches Experience Lab At Newly Transformed Headquarters To Drive Liquid Crystal Glass Innovation

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Eyrise Launches Experience Lab At Newly Transformed Headquarters To Drive Liquid Crystal Glass Innovation

Eyrise has launched an experience lab at its newly transformed headquarters to showcase the extended capabilities of liquid crystal glass and drive research into smart glass innovation.

Based at Veldhoven in the Netherlands, the specialist glazing company uses proprietary liquid crystal technology to manufacture energy-saving windows that can be tinted to provide instant solar shading without compromising on natural daylight. Recent research by Elementa Consulting revealed liquid crystal glass has a significant positive impact on the health, wellbeing and productivity of a building’s occupants.

Eyrise has recently retrofitted its entire office building with dynamic glass to create an interactive environment that offers solar control and privacy for employees, and a space where visitors can experience its benefits first-hand. 

In just three weeks, the company replaced 279m² of glazing with liquid crystal glass into the existing window frames. The external facade now comprises 155m² of solar shading windows. Inside, it has fitted every meeting room partition wall with instant privacy glass panels. Fifty-one units in twenty-three different sizes have been installed, representing a surface area of 124m².

Staff can individually control solar shading and privacy control via a newly developed app, ensuring continuous comfort and well-being. The data provided will be used to steer future digital developments as part of ongoing research into optimising customer experience. 

The ease and speed with which we were able to retrofit the glazing of our factory demonstrates how simple it is to bring lightwellness to an existing building, while saving energy, space and costs, said Celine Glipa, Managing Director at Eyrise. Architects and building designers will now have the opportunity to experience how people interact with solar shading and privacy glass in a real-world context.

The experience lab will give global construction industry visitors a more in-depth feel for Eyrise’s unique products. Alongside established working products already on the market, new innovations will be shown. 

One example is the installation of 20 prototype instant solar shading panels, segmented horizontally into three identical areas. These can be controlled separately, allowing people to try out differing tint configurations. A display of multiple shapes, colours and designs illustrates the creative freedom offered to architects by the glass.

Visitors will be able to engage directly with us in our experience lab and throughout the building as we continue to develop meaningful innovations that make people’s lives better, Glipa continued.    

Employing 70 people from 17 different countries, Eyrise’s Veldhoven production facility is the first of its kind, using specialist manufacturing equipment to make liquid crystal glass windows for modern building projects worldwide, says the company.

Experience lab opening event

Eyrise will be hosting a webinar on Thursday 2 July at 1pm (UK time). Alongside a virtual opening by executive vice president and head of display solutions Michael Heckmeier, managing director Celine Glipa and her colleagues will discuss how to retrofit an existing building with dynamic liquid crystal windows. Click here to register. 

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