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Solarban 60 Clear Insulating Glass available from Syracuse Glass


Syracuse Glass is a Vitro/PPG Authorized Supplier of Clear Solarban 60 Solar Control Low E Insulating Glass.

Solarban 60 by Vitro/PPG is a very popularly specified solar control “double silver” Low E coating due to its impressive performance:

» A HIGH LIGHT TRANSMISSION makes it a great choice for schools, commercial entrances, or retail applications where high visibility or a welcoming appearance are desired.

» A remarkably LOW SHGC, especially considering the high light transmission, to reduce air conditioning costs and increase occupant comfort during hot, sunny days.

» A winter U-FACTOR that complies with the NYS Energy Code in Climate Zones 4,5, OR 6 combined glass and framing performance requirements by adding argon gas, or an inside surface low e coating, and thermally broken or double-thermally broken storefront framing systems.

The Solarban 60 coating should be positioned on the number 2 surface in insulating glass units with all clear glass for the best SHGC performance and color uniformity. The coating can be placed on the number 3 surface if a tinted glass is the outboard light. The winter U-factor is the same whether the coating is on the number 2 or number 3 surface.

Insulating glass with Solarban 60 can be annealed, heat strengthened, or fully tempered.
SGC will stock Solarban 60 on Clear in ¼” thickness.  Other thicknesses of Solarban 60 on Clear can be brought in for specific projects.