Berger-Gruppe takes over the paint manufacturer Zobel Chemie GmbH


Harry Zobel (L) and Thomas M. Adam (R) in front of the Zobel Chemie GmbH company building.

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Harry Zobel (L) and Thomas M. Adam (R) in front of the Zobel Chemie GmbH company building.

The Berger-Gruppe, to which amongst other companies the coating specialists Berger-Lacke and Berger-Seidle belong, is to take over the manufacturer of window and façade coatings, Zobel Chemie GmbH, to 100% as of 14.06.2017.

The company’s previous owner and Managing Director, Harry Zobel, will simultaneously go into retirement after 47 years in the company, and will transfer his responsibilities to the Managing Directors Thomas M. Adam and Markus M. Adam. In this way, the management and company succession for Zobel Chemie GmbH is assured long-term, and the company will remain a family-run business. The new owners are explicitly committed to the continuity, expansion and healthy further development of this business division. Within the scope of the integration into the Berger-Gruppe, new options for relief and optimisations arise. 

Harry Zobel and Thomas M. und Markus M. Adam are all in agreement that this is an optimum solution for all those concerned, as through this company transition, the healthy further development of our company is superbly resolved and strengthened long-term. The transfer will be executed on 14.06.2017.

Through this step, two tradition-steeped German family-run companies, and true specialists in their respective niches, are combined. Whereas the Berger-Gruppe has been renowned and successful for decades worldwide as the technological leaders with their brands Berger-Lacke in the industrial paints segment and Berger-Seidle in the parquet coatings segment, Zobel Chemie represents this market position in the field of window and façade coatings (wood and PVC).

Both the Berger-Gruppe and Zobel Chemie, as solid, owner-run medium-sized companies, will profit from the merger, bundling their strengths and further increasing their performance capability. In this way, all segments will be retained, and the respective market positions will be further expanded. Above all the customers and employee teams within the companies will profit from the takeover.

Seen in organisational and operational terms, the merger primarily provides the following for business partners of Zobel Chemie – long-term continuity. The tried and tested and well-known contacts will each remain in office. Over the coming weeks and months, all company divisions are to be successively and intensively inspected, merged and strengthened.

Regarding the company management, Harry Zobel, the previous Managing Director and owner of Zobel Chemie GmbH since the year 1970, is also to place his impressive life’s work into the 'capable hands' of the new Managing Directors and owner of the Berger-Gruppe, Thomas M. Adam and Markus M. Adam on 14.06.2017. Medium-sized businesses live through entrepreneurial personalities who feel themselves passionately committed to their mission. In particular, they focus on the employees, the long-term further development, the close and trusting collaboration with customers and partners and – above all things – a reliable company policy. Harry Zobel has embodied these attributes as a man and entrepreneur for 47 years. For this, his employee team and the new Managing Director and owner pay tribute to him with their greatest respect, combined with much gratitude for his performance.

Harry Zobel is to enter well-earned retirement within the scope of the transition, but will continue to support and accompany the company at various points over the coming weeks. 

Confidentiality has been agreed upon regarding the purchase price.

Within the scope of the subsequent analysis on the strengthening and further development of all company divisions, the new Management hereby issues a clear declaration of intent on the retention of workplaces. Several restructuring tasks lie ahead of us within the scope of the merger. However, the details of these tasks will first become clear through the subsequent analysis. As a family-run company, we focus in particular on the retention and long-term expansion of workplaces. The economic necessities and our esteemed employees are always equally in our thoughts, explains Thomas M. Adam. For this reason, the Management will spend a lot of time conducting comprehensive personal dialogues with the employee and management teams within the scope of the analysis.  

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