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LTI Group a success signed Mappi


The LTI Group is a leading provider of innovative laminated glass and polymer products to a broad variety of industries, such as architectural, automotive, airline, marine, entertainment, security and industrial – among others – around the world. 

They are known as a pioneer in the processing and laminating of electrified films, and is renowned for their creativity in providing innovative, customized solutions to meet their specific customer needs. 

For more than a decade, the Group has been a leading laminator for security products for detention facilities, the US Government and the Armed Forces. As a vertically integrated organization, the company sees the process through from start to finish, with design, clean room and production facilities designed to deliver reliable, high-quality products, be they for security, architectural, or decorative purposes.

Now they are the 4th generation owner, all of which were different families. From the 90’s they are primarily focused on high quality. They started only doing lamination but they found the surrounding area glass fabricators were constantly out of stock, disorganized, and that it would be much easier and better quality to supply their own tempered glass. 

This is why they needed a tempering furnace that works hard and better than every other supplier and especially totally reliable. 

They called many companies and found the best 2 samples for them, one of this was Mappi. After reviewing the 2 furnaces, they choose Mappi ATS 4.0 2200x4200.

They were impressed most of all with MHS and the Removable Heating Chamber. Let's discover them:


Automatically manages the temperature of the furnace through a network of electronically controlled sensors. This allows the temperatures to remain constant and focused only in areas where there is the presence of glass.

- Finely controlled heating zones insure thermal and energy efficiency
- Every heating element is equipped with an independently managed thermocouple
- Wire heating resistance made with special alloy,
- Heating zones ‘movable’ (they are interchangeable) in case of emergency


Mappi is easy for maintenance and has better finish product quality.

The fact that there is no more need to remove the roller to have access to the lower heating chamber in case in necessary, it also has a deep impact on the quality.

Roller removal  it´s always a risky operation especially in reference of putting again the rollers in the exact micrometric position.
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