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Eco Glass Production Anchors New Facility with Tempering Furnace from HHH Tempering


Eco Glass Production (ECO), is doubling facility size and significantly increasing capacity with a new North Glass tempering furnace sold and serviced by HHH Tempering Resources (HHH).

Eco, known for manufacturing laminated and insulated glass for commercial and residential applications, leased a new 183,000-square-foot facility in 2017. Facility expansion adds more jobs and the need for a bigger, more advanced tempering furnace. The new furnace is Eco’s second North Glass furnace from HHH.

The Eco team also purchased a glass seaming line from HHH for the expansion project. The tempering furnace and glass seaming equipment allow Eco Glass Production to take on larger projects while cutting down lead times, making them a leading distributor of impact-resistant glass in the south Florida area.

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