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ASSA ABLOY introduces game changing electric door technology


ASSA ABLOY introduces game changing electric door technology

photo ASSA ABLOY | ASSA ABLOY introduces game changing electric door technology

Traditionally, overhead sectional doors have been industry staples for over 60 years, thanks to their reliability and space-saving designs. However, the increasing demands of the modern industry called for more advanced solutions. Enter the ASSA ABLOY OH1142P Dual Drive, powered by groundbreaking 'Dual Drive' technology.

Henning Adams, Head of Product Unit Industrial Doors at ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems says: We set out to design a whole new kind of smart overhead sectional door to meet the growing challenges facing industries today and, in the future.

Electrification has been a dominant trend in recent years, shaping our approach to motorized technology. The Dual Drive, embedded within the door, relies on two motors. These motors, working on either side of the door, smoothly lift and lower it using a fixed chain.

This isn't just an upgrade; it's a transformation. The door eliminates the need for springs, wires, or balancing systems, simplifying installation and saving space. Another advantage is maintenance becomes safer and quicker. Technicians can conduct most servicing tasks from the ground, reducing complications and hazards. With fewer bulky parts and no waiting for deliveries, the servicing process is streamlined.

Furthermore, the OH1142P Dual Drive offers smart connectivity for ongoing optimization. Using the ASSA ABLOY Insight platform, it delivers valuable insights and lifetime services. This helps commercial and industrial businesses streamline operations, cut costs, and improve their work environments.

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