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photo VELUX | VELUX at COP28

The Paris agreement was signed in 2015 and this year marks the halfway point to 2030, when many of the world’s governments have set targets to limit the rise of global temperatures to 1.5°C above pre-industrial levels. As with previous COP attendances, VELUX is present to contribute to discussions and share knowledge about the built environment and the role of the construction sector in addressing climate change.

VELUX intends to contribute to setting the framework for action at COP by organising several events both independently and in partnership with others. Here is an overview of the VELUX Group’s presence at COP28 in Dubai.

VELUX COP28 events

» Nordic Private Public Partnerships: Sustainable Collaboration Driving Environmental Progress in Climate Innovation
Time: Saturday, 2 December 9:30 – 10:15 (GST)

Location: Nordic Pavilion

Topic: This forum will explore the effectiveness of a unified approach that bridges the public and private sectors, fostering more impactful, coordinated, and sustainable measures for combating climate change. The Nordic model of government-business cooperation serves as a powerful example of how such collaborative partnerships can shape effective roadmaps towards carbon neutrality, enabling the resolution of urgent global challenges and the acceleration of climate action. 

Speakers: Kristín Linda Árnadóttir, Deputy CEO of Landsvirkjun ; Representative from Denmank (TBC) ; Representative from Finland (TBC); Julie Kjestrup, VELUX A/S 

Organiser: Green by Iceland

» Market Transformation Activation: Preparing for Paris 2024

Time: Saturday, 2 December 16:00 – 17:30 (GST)

Location: Buildings Pavilion

Topic: The leaders of the private sector recognize the importance of the Buildings Breakthrough and are strongly supportive. This event will explore the tangible steps private sector actors in the built environment can and need to take before the presentation of the Buildings Breakthrough during the ministerial Global Forum in Paris in March 2024. 

In a first session with CEO and C-suite representatives, they will discuss how the Market Transformation shared action agenda will convey the business actions and strongly support building breakthrough achievements. This will be followed by a session discussing levers of change from a number of perspectives. The overall aim is to collect inputs and integrate participants' actions that can then be taken forward towards the Global Forum in March 2024.

Speakers: Yves-Laurent Sapoval, Conseiller Direction générale de l'Aménagement du Logement et de la Nature, French Government ; Manish Pant, EVT International Operations, Schneider Electric ; Chris Seymour, Mott MacDonal Regional Director, RICS ; Juan Caballero, Chief of Programs, Build Change ; Lori Ferris, Architecture 2030 ; Judy Zakreski or Ryan Colker, ICC 

Organisers: VELUX and WBCSD, in partnership with ARUP

» Under2 Coalition General Assembly: Addressing the triple crisis of growth, equity and climate

Time: Sunday, 3 December 12:10 (GST)

Location: Intercontinental Dubai Festival City

Organiser: Climate Group

» Building the Future: Decarbonising Materials for a Sustainable and Resilient Tomorrow
Time: Tuesday, 05 December 8:00 – 9:30 (GST)

Location: Goals House, Concrete, Alserkal Avenue 

Topic: Decarbonising materials used in new buildings is a critical step in addressing climate change and achieving the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals. This process involves reducing the carbon emissions associated with the production, transportation, and use of construction materials. To understand how we can integrate low-carbon or carbon-neutral alternatives, KOMPAS VC and VELUX will convene a roundtable of policymakers, research institutions and leaders from the construction industry, to explore how we can decarbonise the materials used in new buildings, and discuss the funding, investment and innovation needed.
» Scaling corporate climate action - investing in forests for climate, nature, and people
Time: Wednesday, 06 December 11:00 – 12:00 (GST) 

Location: Panda Pavillion 

Topic: World leaders, governments, and companies, are worryingly behind on delivering the promise to end and reverse deforestation by 2030. This event convenes governments, companies, and NGOs that are already taking action to finance nature-based solutions and implementation of forest protection and restoration to reduce and remove carbon emissions. The event will showcase examples of forest carbon initiatives: the partnership between the VELUX Group and WWF and the Trinational Alliance for the Atlantic Forest Restoration. The event will focus on the urgent need to scale forest carbon efforts and how to inspire other actors to invest in high-integrity and high-quality forest carbon projects to ensure triple benefits and a move beyond voluntary carbon credit markets.

Speakers: Dan Jørgensen, Danish Minister for Development Cooperation and Global Climate Policy; Tom Okello, Executive Director, National Forestry Authority, Uganda; Fleming Voetmann, Vice-President, External Relations and Sustainability, The VELUX Group; A representative from the Trinational Alliance for the Atlantic Forest Restoration, TBC. THe event will be moderated by Fran Price, WWF Forest Practice Lead.

Organisers: WWF & VELUX 

» Roundtable on Circularity 
Time: Friday, 08 December 11:00 – 12:00 (GST)

Location: Meeting room 3 at the UNGABC pavilion 

Speakers: Jamie Rusby, Group Sustainability Director, VELUX A/S 

Organisers: IDA & VELUX

» Circularity in Built Environment: Sustainable Collaboration Driving Environmental Progress in Climate Innovation 
Time: Friday, 08 December 12:30 – 13:30 (GST) 

Location: Danish pavilion 

Organisers: State of Green & VELUX 

» Roundtable: Transition Plans 
Time: Saturday, 09 December 11:00 – 12:30 (GST) 

Location: WMBC Business Pavilion 

Topic: Following up on last years discussions this event focuses on business and finance engagement around the green transition, and its links to nature, given that the 9th of December is considered a thematic day on ‘nature, land use and oceans’. 

Speakers: Jamie Rusby, Group Sustainability Director, VELUX A/S 

Organiser: CLG UK 

» Roundtable on CO2 reduction in the Built Environment 
Time: Saturday, 09 December 12:30 – 13:30 (GST) 

Location: UNGABC or State of Green 

Organiser: VELUX 

» Legislative Requirement to reduce CO2 emission from Buildings 
Time: Saturday, 09 December 14:00 – 15:00 (GST) 

Location: Danish pavilion 

Organisers: State of Green & VELUX 

VELUX on site at COP28

» Julie KjestrupJulie Kjestrup, Head of Policy and Thought Leadership  

On site dates: 30 Nov - 7 December

Topic areas: Sustainable buildings, Energy efficiency, renovation, IEQ/multiple benefits, Value chain decarbonisation and partnerships, EU policy/advocacy/partnerships 

» Fleming VoetmanFleming Voetmann, Vice President External Relations & Sustainability 

On site dates: 30 Nov - 7 December

Topic areas: Sustainable buildings, energy efficiency, whole life carbon, renovation, indoor environmental quality/multiple benefits, value chain decarbonisation and partnerships, international advocacy and policy 

» Jamie RusbyJamie Rusby, Group Director Sustainability 

On site dates: 6-9 December

Topic areas: Decarbonisation and circular economy in manufacturing (building materials and components) 
» Kurt EmilKurt Emil Eriksen, Director of Public Affairs, Region North and CEE 

On site dates: 7-12 December

Topic areas: Building regulations, energy efficiency, carbon requirement to buildings, LCA, sustainability 

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