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Roto: Produce aluminium windows even more efficiently


Roto: Produce aluminium windows even more efficiently

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Roto: Produce aluminium windows even more efficiently

Produce aluminium windows even more efficiently: Now without load transfer with “Roto AL Designo” from a sash width of 735 mm and up to 130 kg.

The size and weight of window sashes are continuing to increase in aluminium window construction, too. Additionally fitted load transfer extends the application range of standard hardware. However, every extra component increases the installation effort for each window. In addition, installing load transfer interrupts the normal production process. This is detrimental to efficient production.

Safe without load Transfer

Using a reinforced corner hinge and a pivot rest – also reinforced – from the “Roto AL Designo” hardware product range completely does away with the need to install load transfer up to a sash weight of 130 kg. This has been proven by tests involving various profile systems.

It has been proven that the new component combination can absorb higher tractive forces than in standard hardware – explains Product Manager for Tilt&Turn at Roto Aluvision. – It has since been successfully tested with various profile and window versions in the Roto ITC (International Technology Centre) in Leinfelden, as well as by external institutes.

Technical consultation and special approval are provided promptly

The “Roto AL Designo” fully concealed hardware is therefore opening up new possibilities in the design of window elements with regard to their height / width ratio, too. From a minimum sash width of 735 mm, the new component combination can be used to produce all common sash widths and heights.

Window manufacturers can submit a request for special formats to the Roto Aluvision specialists in Velbert. A prompt response and special approval are guaranteed. All that is required for approval is details of the planned height / width ratio and the envisaged sash weight.

Adoption into the standard range possible

Aluminium system manufacturers can incorporate the new component combination with the reinforced “Roto AL Designo” corner hinge and pivot rest into their standard product range. The team from the Roto Object Business will assist you in taking this step by advising on which sash formats are suitable for testing.

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