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Warm lintel boxes | Eko-Okna


Lintel boxes Beck + Heun are the warmest roller shutter boxes from their offer. Perfect for use in energy-saving and passive constructions.

Their parameters have been confirmed by PHI Darmstadt. Boxes are also equipped with stabilising consoles, thanks to which they characterised by high statics. The roller shutters for covering HST doors with possibility of using steel stabilizing consoles, fixed to the ceiling.

Beck+Heun lintel boxes are made of styrofoam reinforced with a stainless-steel corps. Beck&Heun lintel boxes can be used for all types of roller shutters and external blinds (also corner and half-round).

RokaTOP2Roka-Top 2 – internal revision:

- Simple assembly
- Stable construction
- Perfect insulation
- Tightness
- Refined details
- Invisible connection
- Tight welds
- Revisory hole with a diameter of 80 and 100 mm
- Surface for perfect adhesion of the applied parget
- Possibility to use steel stabilising consoles

Roka-Top 2 RGRoka-Top 2 RG – external revision:

- The box can be covered with parget from the room side
- Full tightness – no welds
- Aluminum RG-TG runner system with thermal insulation
- Thermal insulation at the highest level – confirmed by certificates
- Highest acoustic parameters – up to 48 dB
- Stable end profile of the box
- A steel stiffening profile in an insulating wedge for mounting with a window
- Variable revision holes 80 or 100 mm
- Possibility to use steel stabilising consoles

Roka-Top ShadowRoka-Top Shadow:

- Blinds adapted to all assembly conditions
- The widest and the longest blinds form EkoOkna offer
- Assembly regardless of wall thickness, cassette width or element height
- Option to choose the type of lamellas
- Guides with thermal break can be covered with powder paint in colours of the RAL palette, adapting them to the lamellas colours
- The possibility of remote control
- Possibility to use steel stabilising consoles

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