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KOMPLEX DOM – fire resistant wooden windows and doors in line with the current thermal requirements


KOMPLEX DOM manufactures wooden windows and doors with fire resistance classifications EI30 and EI60 (openable versions) and EI 120 classification (fixed versions).

The offer is mainly aimed at the owners of the monument buildings as the company specializes in the authentic reproduction of wooden windows and doors for historic buildings, also complying with the fire protection requirements.

Due to thermal standards and fire safety regulations, our products were tested and verified by ITB and Gryfitlab laboratories, received positive opinions and obtained relevant classifications of products. Our company is currently the only Polish manufacturer of fire resistant wooden arched windows (openable) and doors, says Aleksandra Rudnicka at KOMPLEX DOM.

Since December 2016, windows and doors have been covered by a harmonised standard PN-EN 16034:2014-11. The external doors EI 30 and EI 60 have been issued the certificate of constancy of performance of the product (AC 158-UBW-W973) by CERTBUD Certification Center. KOMPLEX DOM is currently in the research process of windows and doors with the fire resistance class of EI 90. This will enable the company to enter the German and Swiss markets.

In the manufacturing process, the company uses wooden profiles from plywood. Their dimensions provide a wide scope of construction possibilities such as:

» triple glass package of different thickness due to fire resistant glass and thermal insulation of Ug=0,6 W/m²K;
» double paned windows with a floating mullion (the minimum width of the mullion is 134 mm and 180 mm in aluminium windows);
» obtaining better thermal insulation for windows and doors.

The thermal insulation of our profile is Uf=1,7 W/m²K and Uf=2,8 W/m²K for the fire-rated aluminium profile. With the glass package of 70-75 mm, we are able to achieve coefficient for the window of Uw=1,1 W/m²K. The aluminium producers are not able to achieve it. The profile we use for window and door production has been formally notified to the Patent Convention (W.124648) to secure the protection right of an applied design
, explains Aleksandra Rudnicka.

KOMPLEX DOM is able to reconstruct fire resistant windows and doors while maintaining the original appearance and architectural order of the buildings. It’s noteworthy to mention the aluminium and PVC manufacturers are not always able to do it. Apart from replicas of windows and doors in historical monuments, KOMPLEX DOM carries out projects for modern buildings with high standard of design.

KOMPLEX DOM has participated in many prestigious projects domestically and internationally. The most important projects include: the Kazimierz Palace, the Primate's Palace, the Palace of Culture and Science, The State Ethnographic Museum, The National Museum, the Museum of Warsaw, the building of The Representative Artistic Ensemble of the Polish Armed Forces (all projects carried out in Warsaw), the Dzialynski Palace in Poznan, Kornik Castle and The Great Armoury in Gdansk.
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