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The new standard in terms of thermal efficiency


Eko-Okna changes the standard of windows with a spacer bar. Now they offer the new spacer bar in the standard version. 

The spacer bar is the central point of every window - regardless of whether it is single-chamber or two-chamber packages. As the only place of contact with the glass, it is a direct connection between the interior of the building and the environment and is decisive for the energy efficiency and comfort of staying in the room.

Although this decisive detail has a huge impact on the energy efficiency of windows, in the case of double glazing, aluminium spacer bars are still used, resulting in high heating costs. This is because no material conducts heat better than metals. It is no wonder that in many homes the money for heating literally "fly out the window".

For this reason, when buying a window, pay attention to the type of a spacer bar. Unlike aluminium spacer bars, warm spacer bars are made of highly insulating composite, which reduces heat loss to a minimum. Eko-Okna, as one of the leading European manufacturers of joinery, goes a step further. The company modifies offer of spacer bars and for its clients offer Swisspacer Ultimate. The spacer bar characterises with the energy efficiency. At the moment, when thermal conductivity coefficient of the Swisspacer Ultimate spacer bar reaches 0.14 W/mK, the coefficient of other spacer bars is at most 0.29 W/mK.

We have worked with the high-performance products of the Swiss producer Swisspacer before this change. Despite the fact that the thermal conductivity coefficient is still very low compared to the commonly used spacer bars, we wanted to offer our clients a clearly higher quality. The transition to the Ultimate spacer bar was the last logical step for us in this direction. Thanks to the even better thermal insulation of this premium product, we can set completely new standards in the industry and once again confirm that we are a flexible customer-oriented company.

Says Łukasz Kucharczyk, director of marketing and product development of Eko-Okna S.A.

Plastic spacer bars provide significant energy savings and associated costs, as well as a reduction in CO2 emissions from buildings, which is confirmed by the study and the figures presented therein. The new study of the Passive House Institute in Darmstadt (PHI) compared high energy efficiency distance frames made of plastic, aluminium and stainless steel. The result: clients can save up to 8.6% of heating energy per year if their windows are equipped with a spacer bar from the Eko-Okna offer.

In addition to energy, it also has an attractive appearance. The spacer bar has a semi-matte, attractive finish, thanks to which it does not reflect in the shafts or affect the clean lines of glazing.
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