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Less than a month before the opening of Windo L'viv 2018 for industry professionals!


Windo L’viv 2018

photo Windo L’viv 2018

Lviv - the largest city of western Ukraine and one of the cultural centers of the country.

photo Windo L’viv 2018

Lviv - the largest city of western Ukraine and one of the cultural centers of the country.

Pivdenny Expo Center Reception

photo Windo L’viv 2018

Pivdenny Expo Center Reception

Created by Tüyap; the world renowned exhibition organizer with 39 years of experience, Windo L’viv gets set to play a key role as a gateway to emerging markets such as; Ukraine, Poland, Slovakia, Moldova, Romania, Belarus, Hungary and Turkey. 

With a wide range of scope includes; Windows, Window Profiles, Window Accessories, Window Machineries, Glass Products, Glass Machineries, Doors, Door Systems, Auxiliary Products and Chemicals;  Windo L’viv International Window, Door and Glass Fair will be held on September 4-6 2018 at Pivdenny Expo Center, Lviv.

Perfect Location for Targeted Markets

Lviv is at the heart of emerging markets with numerous construction projects such as; Ukraine, Poland, Hungary, Romania, Slovakia, Belarus, Moldova and Turkey.

Experience & Know-How

As a pioneer exhibition organizer which has run countless events for 39 years; Tüyap provides unique business opportunities.

Hosted Buyer Program

Accurate visitor profile from targeted markets is provided whereby  the network of Tüyap International Offices by covering accommodation of Hosted Buyers.


- Window Profile Companies & Profile Processing Companies
- Window Companies
- Window Mechanism
- Raw Materials
- Profile Processing - Window Production, Machines & Auxiliary Equipment
- Window Systems, Shutter & Auxiliary Products
- Window Side Industry & Others
- Facade Systems
- Insulation
- Aluminium Processing Technologies, Machineries, Products, Accessories & Raw Materials
- Glass Products & Glass Applications
- Glass Processing Machineries & Production Technologies
- Auxiliary Products
- Chemicals
- PVC, Wooden, Steel, Glass interior and exterior doors manufacturers and exporters
- Industrial door manufacturers and exporters
- Insulated door manufacturers and exporters
- Garage door manufacturers and exporters
- Garden, patio and access door manufacturers and exporters
- Door accessories manufacturers and exporters
- Security and lock systems manufacturers and exporters        
- Automation systems manufacturers and exporters
- Shutter systems manufacturers and exporters
- Panel, partition systems manufacturers and exporters


- Window Systems
- Glass Industry
- Aluminium Industry
- Door Industry
- Door, Window Accessories
- Construction and Building Materials Industry
- Plastic Industry
- Machinery Industry
- Architecture and Engineering Services
- Chemicals Industry
- Subsidiary Industry
- Furniture and Decoration
- Woodwork Industry
- Other

Due to its location, Lviv is a perfect place to establish close business contacts with Eastern European partners.

The majority of participants are Turkish companies. Due to the fall of the Turkish lira, participants will offer very favourable conditions for their products and machinery.

For more information, please visit www.windolvivfair.com

We are waiting for you !

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